Our Faith

 Lord Jesus Christ is our warrior. Our faith in him is unshakable and has been build with our everyday prayers.  In Him we do everything, in Him we make impossible possible and in Him we trust. All what we do and have is for his Mercy and his Glory.  This is our belief and it does not affect religion diversity of our students and stuffs by embracing the differences.

For the Sixty years of its existence, Dareda School of Nursing has in one way or other trusted by the Community and Alumni for producing excellent graduates who served in different health facilities in Tanzania and Outside Tanzania. The success of our students is our success; We teach them all what is needed timely and appropriately; We mold them into a character which is professionally acceptable worldwide.


Our Staffs are proactive and innovative and they are the core reasons for existence of the Institution; this has been proven through the prosperity the Institution has achieved since its establishment up to this moment in time.

They abide to the rules set by the Diocese and other principles guiding their everyday responsibilities. Team work and flexibility is our priority in exercising our everyday’s responsibilities

From the lowest to the highest level, all staff has a duty to support students to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals.

Discipline among our staff in all environments they are is our core value to have us living with example and inspiring our students to live like us at some point in their life time


We comply with standards set by governmental regulatory authorities, Support good work & charities that come to us through our external supporters including Stony brook collage and Colorado University, Kusaidia Africa , Primary Health care and Solidamert  Mbulu supporting Community Health program at DNS.