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Dareda School of Nursing is an Organization which belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Mbulu. The School is situated within the premises of the Dareda Hospital which is Located 33 Km from Babati Town, The Head Quarters of Manyara Reqion.

Dareda School of Nursing  was established in 1959,as Nurses Training School by the former Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mbulu with the aim to train Enrolled nurses to assist the Provison of Health Care to the Patients at Dareda Hospital.

On its Establishment through the Year 2006, the Institution have been offering the Basic Technician Certificates in Nursing and Midwifery. In 2007 the School Upgraded to offer Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery Courses.

The College is Locally is working with Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Eldery and Children( MoHCDDGE), National Council for Technical Education(NACTE),  as well as Competence Based Educational Training (CBET) curriculum for NTA Level 4 – 6 to all Programs approved by NACTE.

The School Admits ample Number of Applicants from Different Regions of Nation with diverse Cultural, Social-economical and Future Professional Prosperity; and they have been treated with integral diversification manner.

In all time the School has maintained a favorable environment for Learning By Employing Adequate Competent Staff relatively with well equipped Infrastructure and Sufficient Teaching and Learning Resources to make our School – ” Centre of Excellency “

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